Virtual: Streams March 4 – 17. Plays with QUEER AND FRUM

Based on a seven-episode documentary series on religious LGBTQ people in Israel, THE HOLY CLOSET focuses on various individuals, couples, and families at different stages in life, revolving around significant moments or celebrations—a date, pregnancy, bris, wedding, family reunion, holiday preparations, and a child’s birthday. Filmed in a fly-on-the-wall style, it intimately captures people dealing with the juxtaposition of sexual orientation, gender identity, and faith or religious lifestyle. Through meaningful moments and religious practices, we get to know their dilemmas, difficulties, compromises, and triumphs. 

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Moran Nakar was born and raised in the Sha’arei Tikva settlement and currently lives in Jaffa. She is a film studies graduate of Sapir College. Her short films PONY TALE (2016), IDOLATRY (2019), and COSMOPOLITAN (2020) have screened in many festivals worldwide. 

Sponsors: Andrew Cohen and James Packman
Community Partner: Congregation Tikvah Chadashah