In Person: March 3 + Virtual: Streams March 11 – 17

Who doesn’t want their legacy to live on when they are gone? Set in the 1980s, a once-successful novelist tries to revive his fading career by launching a highly inventive plan. When a graduate student expresses interest in writing her dissertation on his work, he discovers a way for his work to survive him. Legendary Israeli director Avi Nesher’s latest movie is a delightful, sophisticated mixture of literary mystery, witty comedy, and moving character study a la Almodóvar melodrama, as two lost souls make a connection that alters their lives forever. This epic tale is both funny and thought-provoking, with an unpredictability that keeps viewers in suspense. Nominated for 11 Ophirs (Israeli Academy Awards). 

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Avi Nesher is one of the most daring, important, and influential filmmakers in Israel’s history. Many of his early films are considered iconic and his five latest features were official selections at the Toronto International Film Festival. Nesher has also received cinematic excellence awards from both the Jerusalem and Haifa Film Festivals and the Ministry of Culture. In 2019, he was awarded best director by the Israeli Film Critics Association for THE OTHER STORY.  

Sponsors:  Diane Aboulafia and Peter Shapiro, Shari Basom and David Spiekerman