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We hit the road for many reasons: to seek, to escape, to grieve, to revive. Jews find deeper meaning in the phrase Lech-Lecha —Hebrew for “go forth” or “go to yourself”— the notion that, consciously or not, guides the characters in this program of shorts: from the addict who drags her friend on a quest to Tzfat, to the animated grandmother drag-racing to escape the law; from the man who drives a young woman to the border to a mother and daughter who turn a trip to a big-box store into a referendum on familial hierarchies and desires.

Curator: Warren Etheredge is the SJFF Shorts Programmer and co-founder of The Walla Walla Movie Crush (moviecrush.com). Bio: View on IMDB.  


Julia Elihu | Narrative Short | USA | 2023 | Farsi w/English subtitles | 14m | PG 

At the height of the Iran-Iraq War, Caroline takes a final car ride with her father through the Iranian countryside. 

Sarah Meital Benjamin | Narrative Short | Israel | 2023 | Hebrew w/English subtitles | 27m | PG-13 

In 2000s Jerusalem, Arava reluctantly goes on a trip with her unpredictable best friend, Tzipi. Along the way, they’re confronted with the intricacies of their individual identities, hopes, losses, and their relationship to one another. 


Idan Gilboa | Stop-Motion Comedy Short | Israel | 2023 | Hebrew w/English subtitles | 13m | PG-13 

Two elderly women, offended by the disrespect they experience at the hands of society, become friends and revolt in this dark comedy. 

Noam Argov | Narrative Short | USA | 2023 | Hebrew w/English subtitles | 11m | G 

When an immigrant teen in Central Florida must help her mother before a school exam, tensions about belonging in and ease adapting to a new country bubble to the surface.  

Yahav Winner | Short Drama | Israel |2023 | Hebrew w/English subtitles | 25m | PG 

To honor the memory of Israeli filmmaker Yahav Winnerz”l, SJFF is one of many film festivals around the world presenting a special premiere of his final film. Winner was murdered on October 7 while bravely stalling Hamas terrorists so his wife and their one-month-old daughter could escape to safety. We find solace in celebrating his life and work.  Completed just a few months before, THE BOY tells the story of a father and son dealing with rocket fire while living in Kfar Aza, a kibbutz bordering the Gaza strip. Winner’s prescient film won best cinematography at this year’s Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival. 

Special Guests: Interview with filmmaker Noam Argov (SULAM) and curator Warren Etheredge.

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Wed. March 13
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