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Shot in lush Super 16mm in Israel and Ukraine, this stunning and thought-provoking historical drama captures a profound event in the history of the young state—a moment that dramatically changed the way in which the Holocaust is now understood and remembered, both inside and outside of Israel. Inspired by true events, JUNE ZERO is set in 1962 Israel, where, after an emotional public trial, Adolf Eichmann—one of the key architects of the Holocaust—has been tried and sentenced to death for crimes against humanity and the Jewish people. The film explores the experiences of three characters involved in this nation-defining event: David, a 13-year-old Libyan immigrant, who works in the factory where Eichmann’s corpse is incinerated; Hayim (Yoav Levi, ZERO DARK THIRTY), a Moroccan guard assigned to Eichmann’s jail cell to protect him from vigilante justice; and Micha, a Polish survivor of Auschwitz who became the chief interrogator at the trial. Though seemingly disparate characters, these three are inexorably connected through the parts they played in this seminal moment of Jewish history.  

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Jake Paltrow wrote and directed his feature debut THE GOOD NIGHT in 2007 and co-directed the documentary DE PALMA (2015) with Noah Baumbach. He has also directed several successful television shows including “Boardwalk Empire” and “Halt and Catch Fire.” Paltrow was nominated for an Emmy Award for THE FIRST ONES, a film commissioned by the New York Times Magazine, in which seven actors talked about the movies that made early impressions on them. JUNE ZERO is this third narrative feature film. 


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